Let us consider how we can stir up one another to love. Let us help one another to do good works.
— Hebrews 10:24


I am mission on this earth; that is the reason why I am here in this world. We have to regard ourselves as sealed, even branded, by this mission of bringing light, blessing, enlivening, raising up, healing and freeing.
— Pope Francis

Set Your Community AFIRE™ 

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Our members are faithful groups of people based in parishes / congregations / schools / communities around the world who:

  • Strive to put their faith into action to bring hope to the afflicted, specifically  individuals, families, and communities who are struggling in the midst of the addiction and overdose epidemic.  

  • Use the  AFIRE® methods provided in the AFIRE CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP KIT. This kit contains everything necessary to form and maintain an AFIRE™ ministry in your parish / congregation / community.

  • Are encouraged to discern where the Spirit is leading them to bring hope and encouragement, so each group will have different goals (based on discernment as well as the gifts and talents of the group’s members).

AFIRE® headquarters works to UNITE, EDUCATE, and INSPIRE these groups by providing educational and inspirational tips, resources, a prayer network, a monthly newsletter, regional gatherings, an annual retreat, and more.

All of this we do through and for the greater glory of God who calls us to love one another as He has loved us (John 13:34).